Island Girl Power Focus on Life Carnival & Open House

Island Girl Power Focus on Life Carnival & Open House

Welcome students! Come and join us for the Island Girl Power Annual Focus on Life Carnival and Open House. This event features wonderful life-affirming activities such as live music, games, and empowerment activities so that youth will feel supported. Volunteer to help and learn how you can make a difference in your community. 

Preparation Instruction:
Sign up by contacting Juanita Blaz (info at bottom of this post).
Fill out Volunteer Form and have it signed by parents. Bring it with you to the event. If you cannot download and print, forms will be available at IGP. 
Learn about Suicide Prevention efforts on Guam, visit
Learn about Island Girl Power visit
You can also make more purple and teal ribbons to distribute during the event. Ask Ms. Juanita for instructions if you would like to do this. 

Dress appropriately. On Friday, you will be doing physical work and on Saturday, the attire is dressy island casual.

Activity Instruction:
This service learning project focuses on advocacy and awareness. We hope to encourage students to be part of the change by helping to bring awareness about mental health, depression and suicide in a positive and hopeful way. All participants will be surrounded by many youth partners that offer life-affirming activities and programs in the community. Youth will see the carnival run by youth for youth. We want students to feel empowered to be part of the solution.

Find Ms. Juanita to sign in (and also to sign out). This is important as it will help determine how many hours you earned. She will give you directions as to what your assignment is. 

Service Learning volunteers on Friday and early Saturday will assist with making signs to welcome the community, painting water bottles for the gate border, arranging tables and chairs, and setting up booths. During the event on Saturday from 11-4pm volunteers will be holding signs on the sidewalk to invite the community, will be hosts and hostesses (welcoming), serve as the educational team passing out suicide awareness ribbons and assisting with recycling stations around our event. From 4-5pm, volunteers will be helping to secure and clean up from the event. 

If you are able, post messages and images on social media (Facebook, Instagram) about how you are helping the community and what you are promoting in terms of health advocacy.

Reflection Instruction:

In order to earn service learning hours, a reflection needs to be turned in to a teacher who can input the hours into Power School. You need to address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this an example of public service? How did you advocate to your peers about making healthy choices? You must justify the number of hours you believe you earned in this project. 

Learning Standards/Objectives:
Our Objective: We want all students to be more aware of the social issues affecting the community, understand about the services offered by our program and others, and most of all learn how they can help the community. 

Guam DOE Performance Standards
Standard 4: Government and Civics
 - Students learn to achieve civic competence by studying the structures of power, authority, and governance.

AG.4.16 Practice personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including thefollowing:

• Trustworthiness and honesty

• Courtesy and respect for the rights of others

• Responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance


Explain the importance of thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including the following:

• Performing public service

• Keeping informed about current issues

Standard 8: Health Advocacy - Demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.

HS.8.1: Utilize accurate peer and societal norms to formulate a health enhancing message.

HS.8.3: Work cooperatively as an advocate for improving personal, family, and community health.

HS.8.4: Adapt health messages and/or communication techniques to target a specific audience.

HS.8.6: Develop and articulate personal opinions about health issues.


  Name: Juanita Blaz
 Phone: 671-688-4752
Organization/Agency/Business Name: The Ayuda Foundation / Island Girl Power

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