Learning Chamorro Website Feedback

Learning Chamorro Website Feedback

A website has been developed at the University of Guam for anyone interested in learning to speak the Chamorro language. To assure its success, especially among high school students, the website developer is inviting students to give feedback as a service learning project.

Preparation Instruction:

Students have the opportunity to earn 20 service-learning hours. To prepare for the project, do the following activities:

Activity Instruction:

Students will be given written instructions on how to start and complete their online service-learning project, complemented with an optional personal orientation.  

Students are to use their own electronic devices and access the internet at their own expenses. 

  • Explore dashboard of website and fill out feedback form
  • Select lesson of your choice, complete lesson, take the lesson-test online; and fill out feedback form (more than one lesson can be taken)
  • Explore and use the online dictionary, and fill out feed-back form
  • Select dialogue of your choice, explore and study dialogue; and fill out feedback form (more than one dialogue can be taken)
  • Select media item of your choice, view and study it; and fill out feedback form (more than one media item can be taken)
  • Maintain a learning log during the project
  • Email all your feedback forms to LearningChamorro.com
  • You must take part in a personal interview about your learning Chamorro experience (this may be done via phone) or participate in a group interview with other students. 


Reflection Instruction:

In order to earn service learning hours, a reflection needs to be turned in to a teacher who can input the hours into Power School. You need to address: What did you do? What did you learn? How was this an example of public service? 

Learning Standards/Objectives:


Students will experience online learning of the Chamorro language. Students not only will experience a pleasant and rewarding online language learning environment, but more importantly, they will actively contribute in the assessment and ongoing development of this online Chamorro learning environment. They become part of a broad community effort to revitalize the use of the Chamorro language and thus build awareness and pride of being member of a community with two official languages, English and Chamorro.  

World Languages : 

The purpose of the World Languages Standards is to foster communicative competence in a language other than English for authentic language use in the real world.

Standard :1 Communication

Students will engage in conversations to express ideas and feelings, to provide and obtain information, and to exchange opinions

2WL.1.1 Make requests and ask different types of questions on a variety of topics.

2WL.1.2 Initiate, sustain, and close conversations in limited situations.

2WL.1.3 Recognize and use situation-appropriate nonverbal communication.

2WL.1.4 Exchange detailed information and opinions orally on a variety of topics.

Standard 5: Technology Operations and Concepts

Students demonstrate and apply an understanding of technological concepts, systems, and operations.

9–12.5.2 Configure and troubleshoot hardware, software, and network systems using online tutorials, forums, and discussion boards


  Name: Dr. Gerhard Schwab
 Phone: 735-2961
  Email: gerhard@LearningChamorro.com
Organization/Agency/Business Name: LearningChamorro.com, University of Guam

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