Nissan Guam 7.5/2K Flag Run

Nissan Guam 7.5/2K Flag Run

Nissan Guam will be holding their annual 7.5/2K Flag Run on Saturday, June 9 at Nissan Guam Upper Tumon. The race starts at 6:00 am. You will be manning stations during the race including registration, fruit, water, and t-shirts! Proceeds will benefit 3 non-profit organizations: Guam Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Catholic Social Services!

Preparation Instruction:
If you would like to volunteer for this activity, please provide the following information:
  • Name
  • School
  • Contact information (phone and/or email – we will be sending out a reminder to all those who have volunteered for the activity)

Please provide the information by Thursday, June 7, 2018. You can call our center at 646-5652 on Tuesdays – Fridays from 9 – 5 or Saturdays 9 – 1 or email us at

On the day of the activity, please wear closed toed shoes, bring a hat, sunscreen and a refillable water bottle.  

Activity Instruction:
Please arrive promptly at Nissan (Upper Tumon) at 5:30 am. When you arrive, please sign in with a Guam Girl Scouts Staff (at the registration table) and we will assign you to a station:

Water (along race):

  • Fill/Distribute cups of water
  • Collect cups/trash in area


  • Assist in race registration (provide forms, assist with completion, collect money, distribute race bibs)

Water Station (finish line):

  • Fill/Distribute cups of water
  • Collect cups/trash in area

Fruit Station (finish line):

  • Distribute fruit to race finishers
  • Collect cups/trash in area

T-Shirt Distribution (finish line):

  • Distribute shirts to race finishers


Before you leave, please sign out with a Guam Girl Scout Staff member (see registration table).

Reflection Instruction:
We would like students to think about the importance of health and wellness and the importance of volunteering. As our board president once said: Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer! 

Learning Standards/Objectives:
Our objective is to provide students with an activity to promote an active lifestyle while giving them the opportunity to observe and analyze procedures of a retail organization. HS.2.4 Evaluate how the school and community can affect personal health practice and behaviors.; HS.8.5 Employ life skills that promote healthy, productive, and functional lives.; HS.3.2 Demonstrate and participate in physical activities that contribute to the improvement of specific health-related physical fitness components.; HS.6.2 Express feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment as a result of participating in regular physical activity.


  Name: Melanie Reyo
 Phone: 646-5652
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Guam Girl Scouts

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