Thrift Store Volunteers

Thrift Store Volunteers

One person's trash is another person's treasure! This is the fun of a thrift store and you can be a part of it. Learn the value or recycling and reducing trash that is sent to the landfill. There is so much to do here, and so much to learn! 

Assist with tagging merchandise, accepting donations, sorting donations, marketing and outreach.

Preparation Instruction:
Fill out Volunteer Form.
Attend a volunteer tour and orientation which is given every Saturday at 9:30 a.m. or Mondays at 10 a.m.
Schedule the days and hours you will be working at the Thrift Store. 

Activity Instruction:
Sign in when you arrive (and out when you leave).
Check in with Juanita Blaz or Audrey Brown for your assignment. 
Follow instructions. Please remember that you are there to experience a work environment and to develop positive character traits expected as a good citizen. (see list in the standards). When one task is done, ask for another task, or see what else needs to be done and volunteer to do it. 

Reflection Instruction:

In order to earn service learning hours, a reflection will need to be turned in to a teacher for input into Power School. The reflection should address: What did you do? What did you learn? In what way was this service to your community?

Learning Standards/Objectives:
  • Our everyday actions affect our environment. shopping at, donating to, and working at a thrift store are ways that we can reduce the waste stream. 

Standard 1: Science As Inquiry: Students use scientific inquiry and develop the ability to think and act in ways associated with inquiry.
BI. 1.6 Demonstrate by actions in the school community caring and respect for the environment and living organisms.

  • Helping at the thrift store helps us to keep our programs going. By helping us, you are helping the community. 

Social Studies: Standard 4: Government and Civics

Students learn to achieve civic competence by studying the structures of power, authority, and governance.

AG.4.16 Practice personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including thefollowing:

• Trustworthiness and honesty

• Courtesy and respect for the rights of others

• Responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance


Explain the importance of thoughtful and effective participation in civic life, including the following:

• Performing public service


  Name: Jet Smith
 Phone: 989-1604
Organization/Agency/Business Name: Island Girl Power / Ayuda Foundation

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